Raleigh artist Jessie BensonJessie’s work is a celebration of life.  Having loved trees for as long as she can remember, Jessie’s encaustic work pays tribute to these giants of the living world.  In her nature-inspired beeswax and oil paintings, Jessie explores themes such as family and friendship, love and inner peace.

Along her journey to discovering encaustic paintings, Jessie explored several other media including acrylic and ink painting, figure drawing, and found-object sculpture.

Jessie’s influences include outsider art as showcased at Baltimore’s American Visionary Art Museum, Vincent Van Gogh, and contemporary artist Trés Taylor of Birmingham, Alabama.

Jessie gives 10% of her net proceeds to the Center for Human-Earth Restoration, a non-profit educational group in North Carolina focused on reconnecting adults and children with the natural world.

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